Key data

  • Any material, up to 5 mm thick (depending on process, tolerance, and material)
  • Positioning precision: 0.0025 mm
  • Cutting precision: ± 0.01 mm (depending on material and thickness)
  • Surface quality: up to N6 (Ra 0.8 μm)
  • Maximum workpiece dimensions: 1000 x 600 mm
  • Web widths down to 0.2 mm
  • Jet / beam diameter: 0.3 (waterjet) / 0.05 (laser)


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Laser fine machining

 Laser fine machining

  • Cost-effective process
  • High precision, with one of the most precise lasers in the world
  • 5-axis laser

New economical potential in precision laser machining, producing fine contours, delicate structures, and precise holes using up to 5 axes.

Areas of application for laser fine machining

Laser fine machining is used in a wide range of industrial areas. Fields of applications include machine building, the electronics and motor vehicle industries, medical technology and watchmaking, chemical and food industries, jewelry.

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Laser fine machining process


Principle of laser machining

Due to their short wavelength and good beam quality, solid-state lasers are particularly well suited for fine machining. Because the laser beam can be focused at a very small beam diameter with high precision, fine cuts can be made with a cut width of as low as 10 µm (0.0004 in.) The zone along the cut that is affected by heat is also very small, and the machined parts do not become deformed. 

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Quality of laser fine machining

High machine precision, fast positioning speed and dynamics of the X and Y-axes and rotary axes using linear technology are the prominent features of our lasers. The overall machine concept is based on precision: X-Y table using linear motor technology,

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Advantages of laser fine machining

The modular machine concept, with three to five CNC axes, supports very flexible application in the highly dynamic precision cutting of fine machined components, in both 2D and 3D.

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